Renee and the Walkaways
kentucky bred, austin-inspired, nashville/new orleans-tinged americana roots



No Regrets

Lyrics & Music by Renee Cheek and Al "Carnival Time" Johnson

"I shoulda done this. I shoulda done that. Nothing's gonna change, living in the past. Hearts already broke. Lies already told. Nothing's gonna help, the story's way too old.

Live with no regrets. No regrets. Die with no regrets. No regrets. Tell me what could be so wrong, living with no regrets!

It's easy to go back and ask yourself what if a life lived less insane, might spare a little pain. You're never gonna know. Stop wasting time in thought, go on and live your life. Learn from  lessons taught.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get a second chance? Visit times gone by, choose a different path. Maybe not so wonderful that chosen path might be. A different path might only bring different regrets, you see . .

That ole sun is shining bright, just how it ought to be. The past is gone forever. The future's yet to be. Each day's a precious gift. Just do the best you can, to live your life in peace, love your family and friends."


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